Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not Broken..just slightly Bent!

Lately there has been a lot of questions, from quite a few folks I have been associated with, from the church I " have attended", for the last four and a half years. "Have attended", meaning, I no longer attend, would be correct. The reasons I no longer attend or play music in the "worship band " , is not important for this writing, it will be a subject for another day.

But these folks, that ask these questions ,or email or phone, or stop me in the store. These are the ones I do not see on a weekly basis anymore, are saying to me, "I feel so terrible with  what has gone on at the church, you must be crushed", or " are you okay" or " what will you do?", plus  a few more inquisitive cliches' . 

Well...I'm not "broke" or broken up" or "crushed", but  I am "Slightly Bent"!  I am bent with frustration, that I allowed the very same order of events take place, that took me away from the previous church I attended for 47 years, the church I grew up in, was baptized in and married in , and played thousands of notes there. A church my parents were founding members 55 years ago, and still attend to this day. The church there allowed a group of men, (the Church Board), dictate the path for which the church would follow. Without consulting the church ie. the congregation.

Church Boards or Leadership Committees...for the most part are people who "think", they have the congregations best interest at hand. How do they know all this stuff, how do they have all the answers, without asking the church body or the congregation's opinion on issues that should involve the input from many.

No I do not understand, people who think they have "divine" interpretation of God's word, when it comes down to the livelihood of  pastors, and the road taken by a boatload of volunteers, all dedicated to the same vision. 
No I do not understand people who just want to follow  and stay the course, because, "well, this is our church" or " I helped build this building" or " where else would  we go?" It's just a building people...
No I do not understand all this, and frankly it bothers me that "some of those folks" that ask me these very questions aren't upset or "slightly bent" also.

To answer the questions...NO...I am Not Broken, I am Not Crushed... I am fine...I am free from the ridicule and condemnation,,,and so are my sisters and brothers that I traveled with. So NO I am not broken...but those of you that stay behind just might be... and I am only "slightly bent" because you folks are willing to allow all that has transpired, .. to continue...you will never get the truth...

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