Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank You UnderCover..for an amazing Sunday

There is no question, when the going gets tough...the tough get going. The worship band at Cobblestone Community Church knows how to step up. It is obvious this band is also very blessed, God has poured His favor on the members of this team. With only 1 full rehearsal under our belt, and warm-up prior to the first celebration yesterday morning, our Pastor of Worship Lil' Texas fighting back a serious bout of bronchitis over the last couple of weeks, barely able to sing, UnderCover brought a set of music before the church body and before the King, that in my words " if that doesn't get your fire going..your wood is wet".
A whole new set of music, 4 new tunes, 1 rehearsal, well, I was very proud of all of them. Shooter played his intros with authority, JR was solid on the acoustic, the girls sang with conviction and fervor, Rick on point, and Deb came through. Sharla sang with such emotion, and well Matt and I were along for the ride.
What I was most proud of was my son...Justin.. I am probably most critical of rhythm sections, especially drummers, they tend to over play or try to use all their chops on everything they play...or they get caught up in the tune with the band and everything speeds up....well having not played in weeks on set, and one rehearsal with the band, he shook the cobwebs off...the kid played his butt off and kept us right in the pocket all morning long....I guess all the money for lessons with the best jazz players in town and two summers in drum corps payed off...he is a fine drummer and technician, and what a pleasure to play on the same stage with my son week in and week out, and then on top of that share the worship experience...well it doesn't get any better than that.

UnderCover is blessed with talent, God has put us all there for a purpose and it is starting to show...and yesterday it was obvious He was pouring down His spirit...enabling all who attended the opportunity to feel and see what God can do in the lives of those who give of themselves to His will...

Thanks to Aaron and Johnny for making us sound and look good, and Jack and Jill on the overhead providing the ever important scenes on the screen that enable the church body to participate.... an amazing day in the Lord's house...a mere sign of things to come

The God Squad leader Cheryl Johnson, offering that wonderful prayer up to God in Heaven, in the middle of the set, and the band scoring behind her... well that should have been on TV for the multitudes to witness and experience... and then Pastor Hoss...need I say more...all we did was set the stage for him to knock it out of the park... and he did...he is so amazing Sunday morning at "The Loft" of many many to come...the stage is set

I know God is smiling...


  1. You're absolutely right, 1000%, JC! God totally used Under Cover and Cheryl and even me. At midnight last night my heart was still pumping (literally) from the experience! What a blessing.

  2. Right on JC! God amazes me everyday...oh how blessed we all are that God would find all of us and drop us right into oxford ohio at CCC...aint God good! thanks for all you do and leading this band with so much passion....