Thursday, April 2, 2009

Give Me Strength.....

I pray today Lord for strength, to continue on the path that is what you would have me do....for the strength to get over the things in life I have lost, to not question Your will, and to be grateful and appreciative for what I have...a loving wife, wonderful children, friends who care, parents that love...for the music in my life that is my solace, my peace, my praise to you, for UnderCover...thank you for my new church family, those wonderful loving folks at Cobblestone, for Bob, John, Andrew and especially Sharla, for helping me find my purpose...keep pouring down Your Spirit on them dear Lord...give them the wisdom and the strength they so desire to take CCC where it is You would have it go...thank You for Jamie and Jackie, for they mean the world to me...give me the strength dear Lord to continue on, with all that I lay on You, I know my rewards are yet to come...give me the strength....forgive me when I disappoint You..give me please stay with me throughout this day... Amen

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