Thursday, March 26, 2009

When All is Said and Done

When All is Said and Done....and everyone is gone....Lord your really all I want...When the best the world has....Just leaves me feeling numb....Lord your really all I want.....All that I long for and all that I hope for is just that sense of you coming near....All that my heart is hungry to have is just one more touch from your loving hand...When all is said and done...Lord your all I want... words and music by Tommy Walker

Since the first time I heard this song by TW, it has been a constant prayer and song on my heart, I sing it to myself ...daily...this is one of those tunes I wish I had written, only because to me, it says it all, in just a few sentences....for me it places everything in perspective...sometimes the simple words say it the best

If you would like to hear a short version, go to YouTube search When All is Said and Done - Tommy Walker/Jonathan Butler and you will be blessed....

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