Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank You Lord.....

I envision a building in heaven with many different corridors and rooms being tended to by angels that process all the prayers and requests being sent up by mankind on earth...of course God seeing and hearing them is far beyond my capabilities to understand or even comprehend, what volume of messages in the form of prayers are being sent....but....God hears and answers them His time...His timing is perfect...but...I wonder how busy the office that channels the
"Thank You Lord" messages is at times.

We live in selfish and thankless world...we should daily thank God for the many blessings He lays on us, and continually ask forgiveness for when we are ungrateful, for what He has provided....there are many in the world that have no idea of God's love and what He can provide....we must never take that for granted...Thank You Lord...for all the many blessings....and forgive me when I appear to be ungrateful for what You have provided for me....Amen

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